The Center for Sensory Science contains a large prep area outfitted with a fully equipped kitchen and oven room. The kitchen area contains a wide variety of tools and appliances suited for an array for products. The kitchen contains two upright refrigerators, a chest freezer, seven 1100 watt microwaves, a household dishwasher, commercial sanitizer, range top with four burners, fume hood, and two Bunn restaurant grade coffee makers. The lab also has several smaller appliances such as KitchenAid mixers, George Foreman grills, deep fryers, griddles, Sunbeam bread makers, ice cream makers, slow cookers, and steam tables. Five GE ovens with convection capabilities and a commercial countertop pizza oven can also be found in the oven room. Two Dell desktop computers are also located in the prep area for accessing data collection software and notifying panelists by email. The Center for Sensory Science also has access to two walk-in coolers and one walk-in freezer with remote refrigeration temperature controls.

Connected to the prep area is a six-booth controlled lighting testing room. Each booth is equipped with an iPad, keyboard, mouse, and serving hatch. RedJade software can be run on the booth computers for ballot presentations and automated data acquisition. Through a two-way mirror in the prep area, one can see the focus/meeting room. This room is outfitted with a large TV monitor for presentations and conference table and chairs for up to 15 panelists. The focus/meeting room also has video and recording capabilities.