We offer a variety of traditional and customized sensory testing on both food and non-food products.

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Affective Consumer Testing
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Focus Groups (recruitment and moderation, if needed)
  • Physical Testing (i.e. texture analysis, rheology, color, size)
  • Online Survey administration (local, regional, or national)
  • In Home Use Testing

Our services come in different pricing tiers, based on consumer recruitment and complexity of data analysis.

Tier 1 consumer testing involves using consumers who are in typically associated with the University or it’s employees. These consumers are not simply students, but people with a wide variety of backgrounds that are not greatly inconvenienced by completing a consumer test. Compensation is usually low, and not monetary in nature. This option works great to stretch your dollar further and when your product is widely used by a variety of different consumers.

Tier 2 consumer testing uses a mixture of University-associated consumers with those from the Knoxville metropolitan area.  This option is good for moderate pre-screening criteria, such as general demographic categories.  or your product is unique and users may more difficult to find.

Tier 3 consumer testing uses specifically targeted consumers of a narrow demographic makeup to mimic the target-market of a your product(s). These consumers are recruited from Eastern Tennessee and in some cases other locations across the United States.  This option is recommended for products with a very specific user profile. This tier is also recommended for those looking to better understand a product space and require more advanced multivariate statistics to uncover product insights.